Governing Body

Members of the Board

Sr. No.
Name Post Brief Background of Governing Body
Wg Cdr PVC Patil (Retd) Chairman

Wg Cdr PVC Patil (Retd) is a strategist and a visionary who is steering the Institute towards much faster growth and development to bring it to an international level of educational pedestal.

Mrs. Supriya P. Patil Member Nominee of the Trust

Mrs. Supriya P. Patil is a social activist who is instilling civic, environmental and social values in the students.

Prof. Bharat Chavan Patil Member Faculty Representative

Prof. Bharat Chavan Patil Since his teenage years he demonstrated great interest towards education and technology. After completing his B.E. from University of Pune in 2002, he worked for India International Multiversity (IIMv) for 1 Year under the tutelage of Dr. Vijay P Bhatkar, a renowned Scientist and architect of PARAM series of Supercomputers. In 2003, he went to the US to pursue his Masters (MS) in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL. Upon graduation, he worked in the IT sector for 5 Years at different locations such as Chicago, Seattle and Milwaukee as head of QA department.

Prof. D. R. Karnure Member Nominee of the Trust

Prof. D. R. Karnure is a lifetime academician who guides the faculty and students to attain academic and professional excellence.

Dr. Ashutosh Misal, Director Member Secretary

Dr. Ashutosh Misal is a COEPian Engineering Graduate; he is an accomplished professional with more than 23 years of experience. He has been in Academics and HR Training since 1997. He is a Certified Psychometric Test Professional, Carlton Advance Management Institute, USA. He has University of Pune approved Director and Ph D Research Guide in Human Resource Management.

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) D. B. Shekatkar Member Nominee of the Trust

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) D. B. Shekatkar is a very senior and a distinguished soldier of the Indian Army who has a very vast, macro level experience of leadership and organizational traits. He is a marvelous orator and is ever willing to do anything for the advancement of the Institute.

Shri Ramesh U. Member Nominee of the AICTE

Shri. Ramesh U. is a very senior government official who guides and inspires us to follow the correct rules and regulations related to management education.

Dr. S. K. Mahajan Member Nominee of the State Government
  1. Dr. S.K. Mahajan is a very able and experienced administrator whose guidance and support is always available to the Institute.
Dr. E. B. Khedkar Member Educationist Nominee of the University

Dr. E.B. Khedkar Faculty of Management, University of Pune. Director of Dr. D. Y. Patil School of Management. He has lot of academic, industrial research and teaching experience. He is a recognized Ph. D. research guide of University of Pune. He holds reputed positions in various committees in Pune University. He is a very popular teacher among the students and staff.

Dr. Sachin Vernekar Member Nominee of the Trust Nominee of the University

Dr. Sachin Vernekar Life member of country wide institutions like AMDISA, IIPA, ISTE, National HRD Network, AIMA and DMA, is a PhD besides B.Com (Hons), MBA, LLB (Gen). He is presently serving as Dean Faculty Management Studies BVDU and Director of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development.He is also the member of Board of Management, Academic Staff Council and Planning and Monitoring Board.

Dr. Sharad Joshi Member Educationist Nominee of the State Government

Dr. Sharad Joshi is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad who has proved his mettle in the educational field. A great research scholar who is ever willing to guide and inspire us towards betterment of the Institute.



  • 1. There shall be a separate cdc for every affiliated college or institution, consisting of the following members.
    • • President or Chairman of the management—Chairman;
    • • Secretary of the management or his nominee;
    • • Three local members representing different fields of the area, nominated by the management;
    • • Three teachers, elected by the teachers of the college or institution;
    • • One non-teaching employee, elected by the non-teaching employees of the college or institution;
    • • Principal—Member-Secretary
  • 2. The local managing or advisory committee shall meet at least twice a year.
  • 3. Members elected or nominated shall have a term of five years.
  • 4. The powers and duties of the local managing or advisory committee shall be to—
    • • Prepare the budget and financial statements;
    • • Recommend to the management the creation of the teaching and other posts;
    • • Determine the programme of instruction and internal evaluation and to discuss the progress of studies in the college;
    • • Make recommendations to the management for the improvement of the standard of teaching in the college;
    • • Formulate proposals of new expenditure not provided for in the college budget;
    • • Advise the Principal regarding the intake capacity of various classes, preparation of time-tables, distribution of the available teaching work load and such other matters relating to the internal management of the college and discipline of the college students as may be referred to it by the principal, from time to time;
    • • Consider and make recommendations on the inspection report, if any;
    • • Consider and make recommendations on the report of the local inquiry committee, if any;
    • • Prepare the annual report on the work done by committee for the year ending on the 30th June and submit the same to the management, the Management Council of the university and to the concerned Director;
    • • Perform such other duties and exercise such other powers as may be entrusted by the Management and the University.

  College Development Committee (CDC)

Sr. No.
Name Post
Wg Cdr PVC Patil (Retd) Chairperson of the Management - (Executive Director-DYPIMS)
Prof D R Karnure Nominee of the Management
Dr Ashutosh Misal Head of the Institution – (Director-DYPIMS)
1. Dr Lalit Prasad
2. Dr Nandini Desai
3. Dr Kunal Patil
Teacher’s Representative (Associate Professor-DYPIMS)
Teacher’s Representative (Assistant Professor-DYPIMS)
Teacher’s Representative (Assistant Professor-DYPIMS)
Mr Mahendra Narke Non-Teaching Employee (Office Superintendent – DYPIMS)
1. Dr S G Tillu
2. Mr Vilas Devtale
3. Dr Vasant Bang
4. Dr Asha Rao
CDC Member [From Education field]
CDC Member [From Industry field]
CDC Member [From Research field]
CDC Member [From Social Service field]
Mrs Minal Waghchoure Coordinator Internal Quality Assurance Committee -(Assistant Professor-DYPIMS)
1. Mr Sebin Sunny
2. Ms Sayali Chore
President of the College Students’ Council – [Student representative- MBA II]
Secretary of the College Students’ Council – [Student representative- MBA II]
Dr Ashutosh Misal Member Secretary - (Director -DYPIMS)