Leads by Alumni for Batch 2019-21
Sr no Name Of Alumni Member Batch Company Vacancies Specialization
1 Rohit Jagtap 2011-13 Globular TechServices Pvt Ltd 8 Marketing
2 Mr Vivek Narwade 2015-17 Star Properties 10 Marketing and HR
Leads by Alumni for Batch 2018-20
Sr no Name Of Alumni Member Batch Company Vacancies Specialization
1 Mr Sudeep Gupta 2005-07 Pramerica Life Insurance 7 Markeitng, HR, Finance
2 Kaustubh Deshpande 2006-08 Target Publication 4 Marketing
3 Sagar Bhor 2008-10 Emerson Technology 3 HR
4 Alok Ranjan 2010-12 CERA Sanitary Ware 2 Marketing
5 Ravi Kale 2011-13 Kantar IMRB 6 Marketing
6 Rohit Jagtap 2011-13 Globular TechServices Pvt Ltd 5 Marketing
7 Ravi Kale 2011-13 Kantar IMRB 2 Marketing
8 Hena Nair 2012-14 Aurus Inc - HR
9 Mr Nishad Newasekar 2013-15 Wisteria Real Vision Pvt Ltd 5 Marketing
10 Mr Vivek Narwade 2013-15 Cognizant Technologies 1 HR
11 Mr Nishad Newasekar 2013-15 Wisteria Real Vision Pvt Ltd 3 Marketing
12 Vikas Chaturvedi 2013-15 Berger Paints 2 Marketing
13 Chaitanya Sadgir 2013-15 Stantec 2 Marketing
14 Shweta Gade 2014-16 H2B Cloud Kitchen 1 Marketing
15 Mohmmad Shaikh 2014-16 Canon India 2 Marketing
16 Sushant Keskar 2015-17 Vedant Sales and Equipment Pvt Ltd 2 Operations
17 Santosh Kulkarni 2015-17 Dinanath Mangeshkar Hosptial - -
18 Ms Swati Suman 2015-17 Minda Stoneridge 3 HR & Marketing
19 Rohit Gadge 2015-17 UMW Dongshing Motech Pvt Ltd 3 Finance
20 Rohit Gadge 2015-17 UMW Dongshin 1 Finance
21 Sushant Keskar 2015-17 Vedant Sales and Equipment Pvt Ltd 1 Operations
22 Mr Santosh Kularni 2015-17 Dinananth Mangeshkar Hospital 1 HR
23 Mr Vivek Narwade 2015-17 Cognizant 1 HR
24 Nischay sharma 2015-17 deAzzle Services 2 Marketing
25 Sayali Sarvade 2015-17 Tech Mehindra 1 HR
26 Kiran Harale 2016-18 Superconcept 1 Marketing
27 Aniruddha Bidnur 2016-18 LBT Mind Technology 3 Marketing
28 Mr Badal Rathod 2016-18 EV Techo Electra Motors Pvt Ltd. 5 Marketing
29 Mr Abhishek Birhade 2016-18 Lybrate 2 Markeitng
30 Ms Ritu Rathod 2016-18 Talentedge Education Ventures Pvt Ltd 5 Markeitng, HR, Finance
31 Avinash Gaikwad 2016-18 Continuity1 2 Marketing
32 Mr Ritesh Bhate 2017-19 Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited 5 Marketing
33 Amruta Rote 2018-20 Mobisoft Infotech LLC 3 Marketing / IT
Leads by Alumni for Batch 2017-19
Sr no Name Of Alumni Member Batch Company Vacancies Specialization
1 Parmeshwar Kambale 2008-10 Sharekhan 5 Marketing
2 Khushboo Sethi 2015-17 Tikona 2 Marketing
3 Sagar Masram 2015-17 Eway 1 Marketing
Sr no Name Of Alumni Member Batch Company Vacancies Specialization
1 2011-13 Kantar IMRB 4 Marketing

Major contributions made by alumni in the development of the Institute are in the areas of providing summer internships and final placement opportunities and conducting guest lectures for current students. The Institute strives to strengthen its relationship with the alumni and promote increased participation in the functioning of the Institute.
Sr no Alumni Name Activity/Lecture Lecture Date Batch Year
1 Mr Kumar Manish Career Opportunities for MBA Graduates in Banking Sector 19th and 20th October 2020 2008-10
2 Ms Priyanka Dutta Interview Techniques 12th and 13th October 2020 2013-15
3 Ms Priyanka Dutta Conducted Workshop on Interview 9th November 2019 2013-15
4 Mr Hitesh Gandhi Innovation 9th November 2019 2007-09
5 Kirtivardhan Kasbe Selection of specialization 4th October 2019 2012-14
6 Vikash Chaturtvedi Sales Management 18th January 2019 2013-15
7 Ms. Priyanka Kadam Sharing Corporate Experiences 6th February, 2017 2012-14
8 Hitesh Gandhi Blue Ocean Strategy 25th February, 2017 2012-14
9 Ms. Rashmi Joshi What do you need to be an entrepreneur? 10th September, 2016 2011-13
10 Mr. Niketan Gawade Intellectual Property Rights 16th September 2016 2007-09


At DYPIMS, it starts even before graduation day. It may begin as a request for a “Senior Gift,” or as a gathering to enlighten each senior about the importance of alumni giving to the school. Regardless of how it is first introduced, the immediate goal for DYPIMS is to quickly get graduates into the habit of giving back to the school. The ultimate goal is to sustain that generosity for a lifetime. A true indicator of the love for and loyalty to one’s alma mater is the extent to which one is willing to support it. It also happens to be a reliable indicator of excellence. As it turns out, the graduate contribution is a very good barometer of how alumni view their Institute. 

There are many reasons alumni give back to their Institute:

·         To show appreciation for education and development, the school provided them

·         To provide others with a similar experience

·         To stay connected to the college community

·         To reap the social and emotional benefits associated with being a donor.

We at DYPIMS cannot thank our alumni enough for their contribution towards conducting mock interviews for the current batch. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge as it exists in their field of work. They help our students with the know-how of how to crack interviews during the final placement process.