Mr. Niketan Gawade

(Batch 2008-10)

My experience at DYPIMS was fantastic. The corporate kind of culture in the college was wonderful. It groomed me well. The faculty members are an experienced lot, with industrial background and corporate experience across all domains. The Institute made me independent and the entrepreneurship programs and guest lecture associations empowered me to develop my skills to start my own firm in India and it’s running very well. I feel proud to be associated with DYPIMS.

   Mr. Raju Ghandas

(Batch 2008-10)

The proudest thing that I have done in DYPIMS is participating in each and every activity; be it cultural, co-cultural or academic; the mantra of success is to participate in each and every thing. Once you enter the corporate field, you will get less opportunity to express yourself. I never did mimicry in last five years after I entered the corporate life. Over here you get the opportunity to express. While I was doing my MBA I did two international, two national, two state level paper presentations and took part in one debate competition. You have to be passionate about it, you have to be yourself, you have to get motivated by yourself, and then and then you can achieve what you want achieve in life.

   Mr. Swapnil Kulkarni

(Batch 2006-08)

I am from the very early batches of DYPIMS. I have a small incident to share here. During my college days we had this subject “Strategic Management”, and I always used to doubt its use to me. After graduating from DYPIMS, I got into an IT company and started as an executive. I got the opportunity to go to the US for three months to crack a deal worth one million dollars and I was able to close it! The kind of recognition I got in the company and the sudden change from that day onwards; from being an executive I became a manager and now I’m heading the US sales. So coming back to the point about Strategic Mgt. we had a Strategic Meeting last month in Chicago and all the industrialists of the company had come from different parts of the world and I was asked to give a presentation on how the company was doing. So do not underestimate the power of any subject. I have seen this Institution grow and build up the reputation over the years and I hope you too shall contribute to it.