Ashram & students profile

Nachiket Balgram, an orphanage, was initiated by the Rahul Smriti Manavseva Pratishthan on 24th August 2001. The inaugural function was chaired by Dr. Arun Prabhaji Mahasatiji and five Sadhvis. Nachiket Balgram started on a rental basis, with 9 children, for the first two years. Today there are 100 children under its roof. It has branches at Kamshet, Kolhapur and Nigdi.

Grooming of Students:

Nachiket Balgram not only educates children but also grooms them intellectually, mentally and spiritually to inculcate human values in them. Children at Nachiket Balgram maintain a daily timetable which has to be followed strictly. It includes Exercises, Suryanamaskar, Yoga, Prayer, Hygiene, Cow Service and Studies.

The boys and girls are taken care of till the age of 18. Suitable education is provided later on as per the interests of the children. It has also started a Technical School with the approval from Manaya Technical Education.

Activities at Nachiket Balgram:

  1. Cow Service: Children at Nachiket Balgram render service to 10-12 cows on a daily basis and help in generating Bio Gas and Organic Fertilizer.
  2. Yoga and Meditation Center: Nachiket Balgram had started Yoga and Meditation center for mental, physical, moral and emotional benefits. Children perform Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation etc.
  3. Mobile Clinic: Nachiket Balgram runs a mobile clinic since 24th August 2004 for poor people in and around the Balgram.
  4. Manavya Technical Education: Nachiket Balgram has started various technical courses like Tally, MS Office, Motor Armiture Winding, Electric Wireman, Welding, Fashion designing to make its students self reliant.
  5. Women Development Cell: Nachiket Balgram has started a Women Development Cell to help economically backward women. It provides guidance and training to help them start their own enterprises.
Nachiket Balgram is a genuine home for the underprivileged and deprived


Facts & Figure
Name Nachiket Balgram
Caretaker Dr. Bhagchand Bramecha
Established 2001
Strength 35
Boys 18
Girls 17
Average Age 10
Contribution by DYPIMS in AY 2015-16 Rs. 10,000.00/-
Overall Contribution by DYPIMS so far Rs. 1,00,000.00/-
Non-monetary contribution Clothes donation (on 2/2/14)
School Bags and Tiffin Boxes (on 14/10/11)