NSS Objectives/Policy

The Institute has a University approved National Service Scheme unit of 100 volunteers. At the beginning of the first semester, applications are invited from students interested in joining the unit and final selections are made at the end of the semester based upon student’s attendance and participation in various activities during the semester.


  1. To intermingle with the society
  2. To enable the students to understand the society at large
  3. To understand societys needs and problems to help overcome the same
  4. To create and develop social awareness amongst the students.
  5. To use education as a tool for solving individual and societal difficulties
  6. To create a sense of commitment and nationalism
  7. To serve the poor in the society
  8. To reduce the gap between literate and illiterate

The NSS unit conducts the following activities each year:
  • The NSS volunteers assist in Nirmalaya collection at the Pavana River Ghat on the occasion of Anant Chaturdashi to prevent pollution of the river water.
  • The NSS volunteers attend the Police Mitra Training conducted by the Maharashtra Police and then assist them during patrolling of the Ganesh festival to promote safety and security of the citizens.
  • The NSS unit in association with the Dr. D. Y. Patil Blood Bank, Pimpri organizes a blood donation camp at the Institute. The representatives of the blood bank create awareness amongst the students on the importance of blood donation and collect blood from voluntary donors. This inculcates a sense of responsibility and good citizenship amongst the students.
  • The NSS unit, in association with a Non-Government Organization, Nisarga Raja, undertakes tree plantation drive to promote environment consciousness amongst the students. Till date 200 trees have been planted at the water purification center in Nigdi. Students regularly visit the center on Sundays to water the trees, remove weeds, and turn the soil.
  • The NSS unit organizes an Annual Camp (residential) of 7 days at a village in the vicinity of the Institute. Since the past five years, the NSS camp is being organized at Ambi village. Activities such as tree plantation, cleaning of village drainage system, and construction of dam have been undertaken during the camp. This promotes physical and mental development of the students.
  • During the camp, NSS volunteers are also engaged in activities such as compound wall painting, tilling of land for cultivation of vegetables and garbage removal at an old age home run by the Janseva Foundation. Students develop a bond with the residents of the old age home and this promotes the attitude of selfless service amongst them.
  • The NSS students recite prayers and motivational songs before starting any activity and practice yoga and meditation during special camp. This promotes physical, mental and spiritual development of the students.
  • The NSS volunteers and the members of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell conducted English classes and creativity workshop for students of PCMC Punawale Girls High School No.103.
  • The NSS volunteers organized a medical check-up for 30 girls from PCMC Punawale Girls High School No.103 identified as under privileged based upon family income.