Goals (short term & long term):


  1. Emerge and be accepted as the preferred place for management education and training initially in this part of India and then move into wider global horizon.
  2. To seek Permanent affiliation from University of Pune.
  3. To acquire Autonomous status to provide need based responsive and value based management education.
  4. Undertake conceptual and empirical research and leverage the same into management consulting and training to become a major knowledge resource center.
  5. Groom value based performance oriented change leaders for society in general and the corporate sector in particular.
  6. Transforming human beings into human becoming, helping people to unleash human potential in the process.
  7. Enter into collaborative partnership with globally leading professional and academic institutions.



  1. Initiate, encourage and implement innovative teaching practices.
  2. Organize/Conduct faculty development programmes in collaboration with regulatory authorities like UGC, AICTE, DTE, University of Pune and professional organization like AIMA / MCCIA / CSI/ CAI / ICWAI etc.
  3. Imbibe learning culture.
  4. Develop library as a knowledge and resource center.
  5. Automation of institute activities to achieve higher level of speed and flexibility in working.
  6. Create world class state-of-the-art facilities and ambience.


  1. Improve class participation.
  2. Articulate programmes for communicative English.
  3. Develop sensitivity as responsible citizen by introducing community develop progammes and ensuring student participation therein promote lateral thinking.
  4. Strengthen the skills of students in problem solving and decision making.


  1. Periodical mentoring of students for a purposeful relationship and mutual growth.
  2. Expose students to industry to understand the dynamics of industry.
  3. Upgrade the teaching learning process to achieve excellent academic performance.