DYPIMS Course Offerings


The MBA program prepares a student for a domestic and global career in diverse sectors of the industry. The MBA programme facilitates learning, in theory and practice, of different functional areas of management and equips the students with an integrated approach to various functions of management. However, the demand for managerial skills is not limited to the industry. Managerial talent is much sought by the Government Sector, NGOs, and Non-corporate sector as well. Institutes, Faculty and students need to move away from the excessive focus on industry and look at needs and demands of broader sections of the society. Likewise entrepreneurial perspective of job and wealth creation with a social context also needs to be integrated into various aspects of the programme.

Specifically the objectives of the MBA Programme are:

  1. To equip the students with requisite knowledge, skill & right attitude necessary to provide effective leadership in a global environment.
  2. To develop competent management professionals with strong ethical values, capable of assuming a pivotal role in various sectors of the Indian economy & society, aligned with the national priorities.
  3. To develop proactive thinking so as to perform effectively in the dynamic socio-economic and business ecosystem.

101 Accounting for Business Decisions 201 Marketing Management
102 Economic Analysis for Business Decisions 202 Financial Management
103 Legal Aspects of Business 203 Human Resource Management
104 Business Research Methods 204 Decision Science
105 Organizational Behavior 205 Operations and Supply Chain Management
106 Basics of Marketing 206 Management Information Systems
107 Management Fundamentals 207 Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Effectiveness Lab
108 Business Communication Lab 208 Statistical Software Lab
109 MS Excel and Advanced Excel 210 Life Skills Lab
110 Selling and Negotiation Skills 211 Geo Politics and the World Economic Systems
SEMESTER-III (Common Subjects)
301 Strategic Management
302 Enterprise Performance Management
303 Startup and New Venture Management
304 Summer Internship Programme
SEMESTER-III (Specialization Subjects)
Marketing Management Human Resource Managment
305 Contemporary Marketing Research 305 Labour Laws
306 Consumer Behavior 306 Performance Management
307 Integrated Marketing Communications 311 Outsourcing of HR
308 Product Management 312 Public Relations & Corporate Communication
310 Agricultural Marketing 314 Lab in Recruitment and Selection
315 Marketing of Financial Services-I 316 Lab in Training
Financial Management Operations Management
305 Financial Regulatory Framework 305 Planning and Control of Operations
306 Merchant Banking and Financial Services 306 Inventory Management
312 Corporate Financial Restructuring 307 Productivity Management
315 Banking Operations-I 313 Designing Operations Systems
316 Treasury Management 314 Toyota Production System
319 Futures and Options 315 Project Management
Information Technology Management
305 IT Management
306 E-Business
307 Software Engineering
309 RDBMS with Oracle
310 Software Quality Assurance
313 Business Intelligence and Analytics
SEMESTER-IV (Common Subjects)
401 Managing for Sustainability
402 Dissertation
SEMESTER-IV (Specialization Subjects)
Marketing Management Human Resource Management
403 Services Marketing 403 Industrial Relations
404 Sales & Distribution Management 404 Strategic Human Resource Management
405 Retail Marketing 408 Change Management
410 Marketing Strategy 413 Lab in CSR
413 E-Marketing 414 Best Practices in HR
415 Marketing of Financial Services-II 415 Designing HR policies
Financial Management Operations Management
403 International Finance 403 Operation Strategy
404 Corporate Finance 404 Total Quality Management
408 Financial Modeling Using Excel 405 Quality Management Standards
409 Indirect Taxation 406 World Class Manufacturing
411 Banking Operations-II 410 Modeling Techniques for Operations
417 Practice of Life Insurance 414 Lean Manufacturing
Information Technology Management
403 Software Project Management
404 Enterprise Resource Planning
405 Web Designing & Multimedia
406 Network Technology & Security
408 Software Testing
409 Information Security and Audit

DYPIMS Course Offerings