Research Papers (By Faculty)

The following faculties have been published Research Papers in various National Journals

Research Papers published in 2015-16
S. N.Name of the FacultyTopicJournalISSN No.
1 Mr. Lalit Prasad Relevance of Human Resource Practices on HRM outcomes and organizational performance in Small and Medium Enterprises: An empirical study in western suburbs of Mumbai. Presented at DYPIMS National Conference-2016 -
2 Mr. Lalit Prasad Issues and complications in dwp-28 at xyz food Limited Published by “The case centre”, USA -
3 Mr. Lalit Prasad & Dr. Priyanka Mishra Relevance of Emotional Intelligence and Educational Background on Performance(Results) of students: An Empirical study in B-schools of Pune. IJIRD ISSN- 2278-0211
4 A Study on impact of emotional intelligence on work performance of married women employees working in IT Industry. DYPIMS’S, IJMR ISSN-2277-8586
5 Mr. Lalit & Mrs. Pooja Kapoor E- Recruitment Strategies IJBMER ISSN : 2229- 6247
6 Mr. Kunal Patil and Mr. Lalit Organized Retailing : Innovative Strategies for Rural Market Sent to IJBMER for publication , paper accepted. -
7 Mrs. Nandini Desai & Mrs. Shilpa kankonkar A study of factors affecting online shopping behavior of consumers in Pune City DYPIMS’S, IJMR ISSN-2277-8586
8 Business 2020 : Issues & Challenges Paper accepted at NCRD’s Sterling Institute of Management, Mumbai -
9 Mr. Mangesh Asawalikar , Mr. Sibi Abraham and Mr. Shivaji Mane Can the Indian Bullet Train Make the Indian Economy Run Like Bullet-A Study Compendium.-Indira ISBN-978-93-85777-17-2
10 Mr. Amitabh Patnaik An Empirical assessment of sales executives motivation and initiative on adaptive selling IJMTP ISSN : 0975-6132
11 Job satisfaction and antecedent to organizational commitment : An Empirical Study IDR -