Research Projects (By Faculty)

DYPIMS has a Post Graduate Research Center approved by Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). The center is permitted to conduct research activities and admit research scholars aspiring to obtain a Degree of Philosophy (PhD) in Management. The center has four (4) Research Guides and twenty one (21) scholars registered with it to pursue their Ph.D. in varied areas of management.

At DYPIMS, we actively encourage quality research work by all faculty. Bringing this new knowledge into the classroom gives students a substantial advantage when they venture out into the workplace.

We also believe that a good research project is measured by the number and impact of scholarly papers published in the most selective peer-reviewed research journals.
Research has shown that research-intensive management institutes turned out students having more valuable MBA degrees than other institutes with less research activities.

In addition to bringing the freshest material into the classroom, research-oriented faculty members tend to be more inquisitive, demanding, evidence-oriented and intolerant of casual thinking. Furthermore, research provides faculty with a counterbalance to teaching – an intellectual universe for exploration in their respective fields. Teaching the same subject over and over without the injection of new material can be boring, and the challenge of research attracts people to academic life.