The Institute has adequate infrastructural facility to meet the needs of researchers. A separate space has been earmarked for the University-approved Research Centre. It is equipped with multimedia PCs, internet connectivity, reading material, and adequate reading space. The Institute’s library also makes available reference material and reading space to researchers.

The institute organizes various workshops and training programs with the sole aim of imbibing research culture and aptitude among the faculty and students.

ProgramConducted byDateObjectives
Workshop on Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Software Applications and Thesis Writing DYPIMS and in association with SPSS South Asia Pvt. Ltd 30th and 31st July 2016 To equip management & social researchers with qualitative and quantitative research and various statistical tools which are widely used in management & social science research.
Faculty Development Program on SPSS for Management Research Mentor from SPSS South Asia Pvt. Ltd 14th September 2013 To enhance the quality of the research work and also to enhance the teaching ability of the participants.
How to write Research Papers Dr. Sharad Joshi 23rd August 2013 To provide the students with the basis for conducting research and to learn the research process
Basics of Descriptive Statistics Dr. N. B. Shete 22nd September 2012 To allow students gain a strong foundation in core statistical concepts including measures of central tendency and dispersion, correlation, data distributions, comparing groups, different ways of plotting data and other exploratory data analyses.
Research methodology Dr. Rajashree Shinde 12thApril 2012 To understand what research methods are used in Management
Guest lecture on writing thesis Dr. Narendra Kulkarni 4thFebruary 2012 To sensitize the students about the problem they will encounter in the process of writing their thesis.
Dr. Aftab Alam 5th February 2012

Workshops, Training & Other Events