English Language Lab

The Digital English Language Lab is a technological breakthrough for imparting skills in spoken English language. It is a facility where a student learns English language with the help and supervision of a teacher through computer software. During this process the listening and speaking skills are improved.

Salient Features:

  1. The student receives step-by-step guidance from the teacher using their headsets with crystal-clear clarity.
  2. The teacher makes student specific oral comments and also has real time control of learners computers via teachers console & thereby track their work.
  3. Individual headsets with microphones encourage even the self-consciously inhibited student to speak with confidence.
  4. More attention-riveting for the student that increases the pace of comprehension as it is based on level of study, grasping power as well as language aptitude.
  5. Listening skills are automatically honed. It blends listening, pronunciation, grammar, soft skills, comprehension and composition.
  6. The language is imbibed more naturally aiding confident delivery with an immaculate accent.