Industry visits sensitize students to the practical challenges that organizations face in the business world. Industrial visits also give greater clarity about various management concepts for students as they can practically see how these concepts are put into action.

Visits to manufacturing firms are useful for students to understand the nuances and realities of the shop floor, which in itself is a rare exposure. By visiting the shop floor they get to understand the risky conditions in which workers work, the people management challenges involved in managing workers apart from getting hands-on technical knowledge.


It is structured effort at improving Industry-Institution interaction, so that the students become more employable. The management theories taught in the class room are not enough. They need to be practically understood. We strive to make our students entrepreneur. The purpose of the visit is to expose our student to all the facets of Industrial dynamic, new technologies and latest management practices.

Thus the aim is to gain:

  1. Exposure to practical environment

  2. Make students aware of Industry practices

  3.  Increase practical awareness of various Industrial sectors

  4. Acquaint students with interesting facts and latest technologies.


Date Industrial Place
Academic Year 2019-20
2019-09-17 JNPT Port, Mumbai
2019-09-17 NSE, Mumbai
2019-10-04 Sandvik Asia Pvt Ltd, Pune
Academic Year 2018-19
2018-09-06 NSE, Mumbai
2018-09-07 JNPT Port, Mumbai
2018-09-10 Finolex Pipes, Pune
2018-10-12 Reliance Jio, Mumbai
Academic Year 2017-18
2018-04-18 RBI Pune
2018-03-02 Katraj Dairy, Pune
2018-03-02 Katraj Dairy, Pune
2018-03-20 Mapro, Mahabaleshwar
2017-10-11 EPF Office, Pune
2017-09-12 JNPT Port, Mumbai
Academic Year 2016-17
2017-03-20 Lucas TVS, Chakan
2016-10-07 Labor Commissioner Office, Pune
2016-09-21 Season Mall, Pune
2016-09-21 RBI Pune
2016-09-21 Tata Motor Pune
Academic Year 2015-16
2015-03-31 Tata Motors, Pune
2015-09-09 Finolex Industries Pune
2015-09-09 PF Commissioner Office
2015-09-09 JNPT Port Mumbai
2015-09-09 RBI Museum Mumbai