With the fast evolving corporate scenario, a constantly churning economy and a rapidly shrinking global marketplace, today's executives and managers need to keep themselves constantly abreast with emerging and established management knowledge and best practices, not only in areas that they operate in, but on a more holistic level, across functional areas to help address critical market and business challenges that impact the organization as a whole.


It is with this perspective in mind that DYPIMS has designed and implemented a wide range of Management Development Programs (Open Programs) - programs that makes participants not only aware of new perspectives and practical insights on specific domains areas but more importantly encourages them to think beyond the confines of their own disciplines.


Our programs use a wide variety of tool sets ranging across simulations,role-plays, case studies etc., and exposes executives to frameworks and tools to help emerge as better business leaders and managers - leaders and managers who don't spend time putting out fires but engage in forward-thinking leadership. 

Sr.No. Date Topic Specialization Duration Participants Location
1 2019-10-10 Stress Management General 1 Day 15 Minda Stoneridge Instruments Ltd.
2 2019-06-25 Team Building General 1 Day 25 Advik Hi Tech Pvt Ltd., Chakan
3 2019-06-23 Achieving Mission 100 Cr Learnings from Management Motivation General 1 Day 48 Logicon Facilities Management PvtLtd
4 2019-05-24 Emotional intelligence at Work General 1 Day 25 Minda Stoneridge Instruments Ltd.
5 2019-05-24 Stress Management at Workplace General 1 Day 6 UBER.in, Pune, India
6 2019-05-11 Management in Bhagwadgeeta General 1 Day 470 Vasant Vyakhyanmala
7 2019-05-07 Trade Beyond West Finance 1 Day 76 Global India Business Forum, H.O Delhi, Pune, India
8 2019-03-27 Entrepreneurship and Bhagwadgeeta General 1 Day 53 Smart City and Smart Start-up Initiative of PCMC under Skill India, Make-up India and Start-up India Initiative of GOI
9 2019-03-21 Management in Bhagwadgeeta General 1 Day 20 Indian Seamless Tubes Ltd, Jejuri, India
10 2019-02-23 Financial Planning Finance 1 Day 32 Aarya Trans Solution Pvt Ltd
11 2019-02-20 Management in Bhagwadgeeta General 1 Day 23 Venkateshwara Hatcheries, Panshet
12 2019-02-19 Management in Bhagwadgeeta General 1 Day 59 Rotary Club Pune south
13 2019-01-22 Team Building General 1 Day 20 Minda Stoneridge Instruments Ltd.
14 2019-01-13 Road Safety and Handling Complaints General 1 Day 40 Trimurti Transport corporation
15 2019-01-08 Life Skills General 1 Day 150 Rotary Club of pimpri Town
16 2018-11-08 Handling issues at workplace General 1 Day 40 Prasanna purple tours and travels
17 2018-10-22 Metamorphosis Transforming life General 1 Day 120 Rotary club of PCMC
18 2018-10-10 Stress Management General 1 Day 15 Minda Stoneridge Instruments Ltd
19 2018-10-07 Team Building & Leadership General 1 Day 24 Centre for Institution Building and Leadership Studies, Pune, India
20 2018-08-22 Dil Se Road Tak General 1 Day 50 Trimurti Transport co Ltd, Pune, India
21 2018-05-03 Conflict Management General 1 Day 31 Yazaki India Pvt Ltd, Pune, India
22 2018-04-27 Emotional Intelligence at the workplace General 1 Day 10 Business Standard Private Ltd.
23 2018-04-24 Life Skills for Entrepreneurs General 1 Day 15 Entrepreneurs from PCMC
24 2018-04-09 Motivation and Team Work General 1 Day 48 Abhijeet Engineering
25 2018-01-13 Attitude, Team Building and Safety General 1 Day 35 TRIMURTI Travels
26 2018-01-10 Life Skills General 1 Day 150 Rotary Club of Pimpri Town