Lead by Alumni in A.Y 2017-18
Sr no Name Of Alumni Member Batch Company Vacancies Specialization
1 Nishad Raj Newasekar 2013-15 Wisteria Real Vision 05 Marketing
2 Girish Gadhave 2015-17 Olive Tree Trading 01 Marketing
3 ShanawazAlam 2015-17 KrazyBee Services Pvt Ltd 02 Marketing
4 Fahim Sande 2015-17 Citrus Hotel 01 Marketing
5 Aneri Seth 2015-17 Sopra Steria Ltd 01 Marketing
6 Sagar Masaram 2015-17 Bootestech 01 HR

Major contributions made by alumni in the development of the Institute are in the areas of providing summer internships and final placement opportunities and conducting guest lectures for current students. The Institute strives to strengthen its relationship with the alumni and promote increased participation in the functioning of the Institute.
Sr no Alumni Name Activity/Lecture Lecture Date Batch Year
1 Niketan Gawade Intellectual Property Rights
2016-09-16 2008-10
2 Priyanka Kadam How to be Employable
2017-02-06 2012-14
3 Hitesh Gandhi Blue Ocean Strategy
2017-02-25 2007-09
4 Mr. Hitesh Gandhi Indian Pharmaceutical Industry & Career Opportunities in it
2014-03-15 2012-14 Batch
5 Mr. Roystan M. Industrial Sale-Challenges & opportunities in it 2014-03-22 2012-14 Batch
6 Ms. Priyanka Kadam Pre-placement talk
2014-09-06 2013-15 Batch
7 Ms. Priyanka Kadam Performance analysis of DYPIMS students
2014-09-09 2013-15 Batch
8 Mr. Niketan Gawade Guest Lecture - "Job opportunities overseas"
2014-09-17 2013-15 Batch
9 Mr. Niketan Gawade Guest Lecture - "Job opportunities overseas"
2014-09-17 2013-15 Batch
10 Mr. Narendra Agashe “How to crack the placement Interview”
2014-09-27 2013-15 Batch
11 Mr Sobin V & Mr Sushil C Challenges & Opportunities for Enterpreneurs
2015-02-16 2014-16 Batch


At DYPIMS, it starts even before graduation day. It may begin as a request for a Senior Gift, or as a gathering to enlighten each senior about the importance of alumni giving to the school. Regardless of how it is first introduced, the immediate goal for DYPIMS is to quickly get graduates into the habit of giving back to the school. The ultimate goal is to sustain that generosity for a lifetime. A true indicator of the love for and loyalty to ones alma mater is the extent to which one is willing to support it. It also happens to be a reliable indicator of excellence. As it turns out, the graduate contribution is a very good barometer of how alumni view their Institute. 

There are many reasons alumni give back to their Institute:

         To show appreciation for education and development, the school provided them

         To provide others with a similar experience

         To stay connected to the college community

         To reap the social and emotional benefits associated with being a donor.

We at DYPIMS cannot thank our alumni enough for their contribution towards conducting mock interviews for the current batch. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge as it exists in their field of work. They help our students with the know-how of how to crack interviews during the final placement process.